So, I was in my lab today, and my prof sits down next to me and asks me, “Would you be able to TA this semester?” To which I coolly replied, “Uhh… I don’t think I’d be able to graduate on time if I TA’d.”

Then I was successfully able to redirect my prof to my labmate James, who I thought was going to TA this course ANYWAYS. Turns out, yeah, that’s what he thought too. Whew. Problem solved.

Speaking of graduation, I finally got back to focussing on my thesis again, and I recalculated my thesis-writing schedule. I may in fact be able to get my first draft done in under 2 months! Then again, it’s pretty much just speculation. But with a +50% safety margin built in, that’s still only 3 months before I can have a “complete” thesis for my prof to review (and “rip-apart”). This kind of requires that I am “productive” in my thesis writing, though. Oh well. At least I’m writing a blog post, now. That’s a lot more productive (in the writing category) than I’ve been for a whole month.

Finally, last story: we had a prayer walk at SFU today. It was raining and windy, and we were outdoors for part of it, but still like 10 people came out! I almost didn’t wake up in time, even though I live on campus. Anyways, it was a wonderful time of prayer, and I am hoping that we will remain humbly dependent on God, and see what He does on campus. Anyhoo, I took some pictures before and during our prayer walk around campus. Take a look!

Prayer Walk

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