So, if you’re wondering how I found Winter Conference this year, it was in short, the best WC experience I’ve had to date. And this was my fourth one, so I’ve been to quite a few. But let’s back up for a moment and explain what I’m talking about, first. This past Dec 28th to Jan 1st, I was at Campus for Christ’s Western Canadian Winter Conference 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta. Let me explain how it all began…

The Rez bus stop
SFU Residence bus stop

So it’s Thursday, Dec 27th, and I’m busily trying to finish packing and getting ready to go to Royal Oak Ave so I can fulfill my Bus #1 co-captaining duties. The problem was I just found out my Mom wasn’t driving us anymore (because of the snow), but I still needed to get off the hill in time to go to Staples. Why? So I could print out the Success Week poster drafts to show our campus at Winter Conference.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I end up dragging my ridiculously heavy hockey bag (containing my laptop backpack), camera, and guitar down to the Residence bus stop. And then I snapped a picture. And then the bus came, and when I was walking over to the next bus at Willingdon and Hastings (very SLOWLY and weighed down, I might add), the #130 that was pulled over and patiently waiting suddenly decides to pull away and drive off JUST as we get to it. I was like, “Oh no! I’m already cutting it super close!”. Thankfully, I find out that the bus comes every 15 minutes, so there’s still hope. All the while, I’m struggling between emotions of frustration and disillusionment (I mean, I’m trying to head off to a spiritual retreat for God, right?) and the reminder that faith is about trusting God based on who you know He is. So that helped me not to worry. As Mike Woodard likes to say, “it’s not a problem – it’s an opportunity to trust God.”

So anyways, I end up making it to Metrotown, where I meet Johnson at this bagel place and dump all my gear with him. Now, I have a choice: I can try running through the mall and across Kingsway to get to Staples, or I can forget the whole Success Week poster draft thing and just show them things on my laptop. Well, I kind of like to try challenges (or pushing myself), so I tell Johnson that I’ll be back in 15-20 minutes.

The Staples
the Staples across from Metrotown

So, I basically made it there and back in 20 minutes. Then Johnson and I (and Bruce) made it onto the skytrain and over to Royal Oak Station. And not a moment too soon. After some bus loading and people checking, it was off to Edmonton!

Now, there is a LOT that could be said about Winter Conference, even just from my perspective, but I’ll start you off with a summary of what I learned. This WC was the first time (I’m pretty sure) that I actually reviewed what I’d heard from sessions and seminars. It’s because I made a commitment that I’d be intentional in allowing God to speak to me and change me this Winter Conference. Anyways, here’s what I realized on the night of Sunday, December 30th, 2007:

I want God to make me a man of:

  1. Prayer
  2. the Word
  3. Faith/action & strategy
  4. Love

They’re not really in order of importance, but as I was looking through the things that stuck out at me from Winter Conference, it was that we needed to be people humble & dependent on God, not on our own abilities. That I need to be familiar with all of God’s Word, since the Bible is basically what God wants us to know from Him. That I need to live life trusting God, and backing that up with my actions, and knowing how God specifically wants things to happen (e.g. spiritual multiplication). And, finally, that God cares about whether we are caring for and connected to others (and especially, in my mind, our brothers & sisters in him).

It was as I wrote down that final point – love – that I was like, “Waterloo Project!”

But that’s another story for another blog post. I’ll leave you with this random tidbit from a(n old?) friend whom I got to know a bit better this WC:

Evelyn… heh heh
Evelyn Tan