Ken Cochrum (who spoke this year at Western Canadian Winter Conference) has a blog. Which I found. And he posted this, which is a “rip-off” of John Mott’s 17 lessons learned about movement building. So now I am “ripping-off” Ken Cochrum’s blog post and passing it off as a blog update of my own.

Here it is: On Leading Well – John Mott on Establishing Movements

I’m gonna have to re-read these 17 points over and over again, so that it can get ingrained into me. I would like to share #11, #12, and #10 with you guys, though. Particularly because I find that Christian students today, sometimes especially those who are serving in “ministry” at school or Church, neglect their private lives. Their private lives don’t exactly glorify God, or at least they could be more honoring to God if they that part of their lives (i.e. their school, their work, their relationships with others, their giving, etc.) were more conformed to how Christ wants us to be. I know this is a big problem with me. Anyways, without further ado…

(from Ken Cochrum’s blog post)
11. It is not necessary that we do so many things, or that we have our own way, but it is necessary that we should be Christ-like.

12. We should never be content with second best.
10. In any work abounding in pressing needs and great opportunities, we must make a study of priorities. We must plan the use of our time. No man can do:
– all the good that needs to be done;
– all that others want him to do;
– all that he himself wants to do.
Therefore, he must acquire the habit of putting first things first. Every ambitious worker should form the habit of planning each year, month, week, and day. Each day we should be asking, “What does Christ want me to be and to do today?”