Ok, so three things I want to talk about in this blog post. But before I begin, here’s a prayer request: I’ve been super busy in recent weeks. Well, more like struggling, time and sleep-wise (sometimes as a direct result of time mismanagement). But there have been lots of things flying around lately. I’d appreciate it if you prayed for me, that I would walk with God and grow in discipline and enduring the discomfort of bringing order into my life.

Anyhoo, that’s like a 3-year running prayer request. But here’s what I wanted to blog about:

  1. I need to figure out a name for this blog. Or rather, a title + sub-title/tagline. I think I would like to work in the concept of “Rip-off wisdom” into that. Feel free to suggest.
  2. I’m eating my friend’s sandwich for dinner as we speak. My friend Hans left this sandwich in our fridge this past weekend, and I forgot to mention it to him, and I was just hungry so “Finders, keepers.” Mmmm.
  3. My laptop got infected by a worm. That’s basically like a virus (I’m not too sure what the difference is). Anyways, Johnson discovered it when his computer got hit by it. Apparently, it travels through removable media (like USB keys), and once you plug in an infected device, Windows XP is so kind as to infect itself with this worm. I ran AVG Free to try and clean my system, and it performed a few actions, so hopefully that fixes things. Then again, I’m afraid to reboot my computer, because when Johnson rebooted his computer after trying to “fix” it, he wasn’t able to boot anymore. And I think safe mode isn’t even working on his machine, anymore. Anyways, I blame either the Campus Printing Centre computer, Karen’s USB key, or John’s laptop for infecting me. Since I don’t know where it came from, I will blame all three for now.

That’s all for now!

P.S. Oh yeah, and our David Bentall talk just got postponed due to the snow messing with our promotional plans this week. Let’s hope the 2-3 weeks worth of promotions still manages to carry over.

P.P.S. UBC’s “Does God Exist” debate brought out 1200+ people last night, and even turned away almost 300 students because they were full! Wow! Amen!

In honor of the UBC C4C students who helped put it on, here are two of my beloved… photos.

Vanessa by cell-light Ricky Pak

P.P.P.S. Omgoodness, there is like some 10-year old Paulman (poser Paulman, I should say) who has a blog. I think he’s from Malaysia or something. Check a page from his blog here: http://www.paulman98.com/?page_id=2