So, I was reading a blog post from John Piper’s “Desiring God” blog. It was about how to teach to non-western learners. I thought it’d be useful for those of us who learn and teach in a western setting, too, because let’s face it – conventional teaching methods (e.g. lecture and listen, or reading from a textbook) often… suck.

Anyways, if I had to sum up what I learned, it’s that you can always teach people through demonstration and walking them through the process of putting into practice what you’re trying to teach them.

So, in a Bible study setting, for example, it would be beneficial to get the other members of the Bible study to try and glean the principles from the passage. You know, let them try and make observations from the text, derive principles, correlate what they’re seeing with other parts of the Bible, and then finding ways that it applies to their life.