Look what I found! (from searching “John” on my Flickr)

It’s really amazing how leaky my memory is. Or how powerful photos can be.

from Nov 3, 2006
UBC picture!

This was from just over a year ago.  Two of us are still in grad school. Two became interns on campus (and just interviewed for staff – I have the photos to prove that).  One is an East Asia intern for a year.  And the last is a bona fide working man (well, coding man, at least).

I think only two of you (Steph and John) read this blog, though 😦

But if you’re in that picture and you’re not Steph or John, then prove me wrong and leave a comment!

Final note: you know what’s really fun?  Searching my Flickr for ppl’s names that we know!  I didn’t do as good or thorough a job tagging photos in the past for Flickr as I’ve done in Facebook, but sometimes you can still get some pleasant surprises!  (P.S. I just realized Jill looked really different when she was “pre-bangs”)