I have a used pair of Sennheiser MX500 earphones. They’re really good, and in fact I want to get a new pair of the exact same kind. The reason I want to get new ones is because the current pair is slightly defective. The left earphone is slightly louder (I think just in the higher frequencies) than the right ear. I don’t think Johnson can tell the difference, but it bugs me. It changes when you mess with the in-line volume slider control, but at max volume (I think that’s the best setting), the left ear is still noticeably (to me) louder than the right.

So, anyways, you can have this pair COMPLETELY FREE from me if you want it. Hey, if you live in another province, I might even be able to ship it over to you. I have some brand new earphone foamies (covers) as well, so you won’t have to contaminate yourself with my ear crud.

The reason I want to find a friend to give my earphones to is because this is actually the 2nd pair of MX500 earphones I bought (the first one’s left ear kind of died out [I blame the volume slider]), and it’s hard for me to justify buying a 3rd pair online when I was going for these earphones because they were cheap and good. But if my 2nd pair doesn’t go to waste… well, then, I’d feel a lot better about spending another ~$15 total to get another kickin’ pair of earphones!

With that being said, I shall close off with a cool photo from my new Winter Conference (NYE party) album on PicasaWeb:

From NYE Party til…