Yup, it’s true! I’ve never been baptized as an adult, or as a believer in Jesus, so it’s finally going down this Sunday, March 2nd @ 10AM PST (details below). Please SPREAD THE WORD to everyone you know who might know me. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the word out sufficiently on my own.

If you can’t make it (say, because you’re in another province), then just check back here next Monday, and I should have the YouTube video posted. And please keep in prayer, because I’m inviting friends, both Christian and non-Christian, alike (including from school and research).

Here’s the e-mail I’m going to send out tomorrow night:

Hello friends!

I wanted to invite you all to a milestone in my life – I’m finally getting baptized! Being baptized is a time when I get to declare to the community (and my family and friends) that that Jesus saved my life and my soul, and I’m committed to following Him for life. Basically what will happen is that after I give a short one-minute (pre-recorded) testimony of how I became a Christian, a pastor will dunk me underwater. This all happens during a regular Church service, and I’m not the only one getting baptized this weekend, so I’ll only be up front for a very short time.

So, I’d like to invite you to come join me this Sunday and show your support 🙂 If you’re able to come, please let me know! My Church is pretty big, but welcoming, so hopefully you’ll find it interesting. If you’re not able to make it but are curious enough to see a video-taped version of it, just check my blog next Monday (I’ll have the video recording posted).

Date & time: Sunday, March 2nd @ 10AM
Location: Willingdon Church – 4812 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC (map)

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I went to the SFU Women’s basketball playoff game versus UBC. We beat them! Whoo hoo. Now we’re in the Final Four. And I got to take some cool photos for The Peak. Here, take a peek (whoa, unintended pun)…

From SFU Clan Bask…