I remember what #2 was going to be:

  • 2. I quite enjoy creating diagrams and figures in Inkscape for my thesis while listening (or watching) to really great things, like John Piper preaching or Bruce Ware waxing philosophical on free-will vs. human agency in tandem with God’s sovereignty… (etc.). Second on my list is actually writing my thesis. It’s not TOO bad, though I’d say I borderline enjoy it. Maybe. I can’t listen to much when I’m writing my thesis, because writing words while listening to words doesn’t quite work. Unless I’m listening to something that I’ve heard so many times that it’s no longer distracting anymore (like Halifax Projectiles talking during our Candlelight sharing time). Third and last on my list is doing actual research work, where you have to go into the laser room or try and find optical components that are never there, or trying to get something to work that won’t work. Shudder.

Not my cup of tea (I don’t even drink tea).

Always under construction…

Cornerstone sidewalk