Wow. What a lame title for this blog post. I kind of like it.

Anyways, I was just reading this post by my friend Silas. He was talking a bit about the dilemma that many single, Christian girls have to face because Christian guys aren’t the type to ask girls out. Anyways, here’s a comment (slight re-edited) I wrote on his blog that I thought would be glad to put onto my own one.

It’s tricky business. I think part of the difficult is due to the weight that our contemporary Christian culture puts on this whole “dating” deal. I think most Christian guys either don’t view dating as something that is weighty (you know, the type of ground where “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”), or, they see dating through the lenses of “I’m not going to date a girl unless I’m pretty sure she’s EXACTLY the kind of person I can marry”.

I think somewhere in between is a good balance, but that requires the mutual understanding that dating a person doesn’t mean you’re committing yourself or your heart to that person right away.

So, ironically, a more “casual” view of dating might help guard Christian singles from overcommitment and premature intimacy. If both sides know that they’re just going out to see whether this relationship is something that God might want to lead them in, then (hopefully) it makes it a lot easier, less awkward, and a whole lot less painful if the two of them discern that they aren’t right for each other.

What do you think?

P.S. You should read the article that Silas was originally referring to. It’s really good!