My friend Steph posted about this recently and linked to several ways to contribute to the relief effort, right now.

Power to Change (Canada)

“The estimated cost to provide immediate emergency aid, which includes a two week supply of food, blankets and a set of clothing is $100 for a family of five.”

That relief will actually go through Global Aid Network (GAiN), the humanitarian partner/arm of Power to Change (the parent organization to Campus for Christ). The head of GAiN Australia is actually from Myanmar, and he is directing aid efforts. GAiN will actually be delivering relief through relationships with local churches on the ground there (that’s how they usually do things, as far as I know). Anyways, time is of the essence, which is why I’m posting this. The sooner aid is sent, the better less bad the situation will turn out.

Samaritan’s Purse also seems to be doing something similar, though I think that they are a bigger and older organization.

On an unrelated note, we need an additional experienced Campus for Christ Bible study leader to help lead a Bible study at SFU this summer. Especially on Fridays at 12:30PM. We’re short on DG leaders. If you’re available at that time, or any time at all, please let me know! (same goes if you know anyone who fits the bill)