So a lot of stuff happened today that I want to blog about.  Actually, a lot of stuff has happened over the last weeks (months?) that I’ve been wanting to blog about, but I never get around to doing it.  And consequently, I end up forgetting about what I want to blog about.  But anyways, I’m starting with today, because today was filled with enough things in its own right.

Let’s start with 4AM today (Friday, June 13th).  That’s when my roommate and I approx. went to sleep (he was playing Team Fortress 2 – I ended up watching).  Fast forward 4 hours later, and I woke up around 8-8:30AM to get ready to head to the airport (YVR)… to see Gilberto (our Dalhousie friend from Halifax Project 2007).

Gilberto, me, and Johnson @ YVR (Vancouver International Airport)

Which brings me to an important point: people are back from summer Campus for Christ projects, now!  Staff/interns are still debriefing, and national projects are still going, but a lot of our students (who went international) are back!  In addition to seeing Gilberto and meeting some new students from across Canada, I also got to see Steve Chan and Amy Li at the airport.

Anyways, after hanging out with Gilberto and seeing him off (Johnson was there, too), it was off to Metrotown for me!  To play I-T-G!  So I got my groove on and played there with Alana and friends for about an hour and a half.  And then it was off to SFU to get some work done! (Note: at this point it was already around 2-3PM; also, I get work done on the bus on my laptop)

Jessica and Jacky – feet IN the Groove

After a couple of hours at school, I finished all the revisions that my prof has returned to me so far.  So the good news is that I’m caught up with my thesis-writing.  For now.  Then I headed home right away to catch the half season finale of Battlestar Galactica (episode: Revelations), of which I missed about 15 minutes because I had to leave school late.

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And finally, I should also say that I got to watch Ella Enchanted on TV tonight.  I must say, despite Roger Ebert’s glowing review of it from like a few years ago, it is definitely a chick flick.  With some annoying writing in parts and annoying plot elements.  And a story that’s frustrating from a logical point of view, sometimes.  But anyways, I still liked it, even if it made me feel a little sick inside when it was all said and done.  It’s so a chick flick… ewww… (although I do kind of like chick flicks).