Arstechnica reports that Mozilla (makers of Firefox) has met and exceeded their goal for more than 5 million downloads in the first 24 hours of launching the latest version of their Internet browser, Firefox 3.0.  So they’re probably going to qualify for that Guinness World Record they were going for.  In fact, Mozilla reported 8 million downloads at the 24 hour mark.  WHOO HOO!
(Note: as of 6:44PM PDT, Firefox 3.0 has been downloaded 9,686,980 times)

I love Firefox, and I really like Firefox 3.0 (even though it’s doing one little thing weirdly on my computer, but my life is still better with it than without it).  Firefox (v 2.0 and below) apparently has an 18% marketshare (higher in Europe).  This is quite a feat, since Internet Explorer comes bundled hard-wired into the Windows operating systems, so it’s the default Internet browser for Windows PC’s.  In other words, if you’re a Firefox user, that means that you chose to use Firefox and took the iniative to download & install it.

Anyhoo, some stats specific to my blog…

  1. Close to 46% of visitors/visits to my blog use Firefox.  Approx. 43% use IE, and 7.2% use Safari (the Mac OS X browser).
  2. Over the last 4 days or so, my blog has been viewed 1,922 times.  Crazy, huh?  My peak day was 716 views, followed by 620 views the day after that.  Why, you wonder?  It was because of my post on Battlestar Galactica’s “Revelations” episode, which is the last episode of the first half of the final season.  In other words, there are 10 episodes left in BSG and they won’t start showing until 2009.  So there’s been a lot of buzz around this half of the season.

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