This is a continuation of my previous blog post on relationships.  It’s a short, humorous photo story on the theme of relationships and romance.  Enjoy!


Q: What is it that women are looking for?

A: A self-assured, mature, and talented man who also
has a full choir, orchestra, and band backing him up.

Q: Why is it so hard for a single man to attract a single woman?

Steve with an orange
A: Cause we end up doing things/looking like this.
(Ha ha, sorry Steve!  This is what you get for not reading
my blog, though – you’ll never know you were on it!!)

Q: So how am I ever to find a woman who’s right for me?

Math hallway
A: Seems like as good a place as any.
(Too bad this is in the
Math department, though.
I’m just saying; odds-wise,
Math isn’t the best place to look.
Don’t be offended, Tabitha
🙂 )

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