Ok, quickly before I go to sleep, I wanted to blog about today – Canada Day!

Today was July 1st, 2008 – which makes Canada 141 years old!  Anyhoo, I wanted to make a couple points with this post, the first one being that I’m proud to be Canadian, and you should be, too.

Whether you’re a Canadian citizen or you’re just living here, I think it’s good to care about Canada and be happy to be here.  As in, if that doesn’t describe you, that’s bad 😦  If you think I’m being harsh, well maybe I should explain myself a bit more.  I liken patriotism to being part of a family.  Sure, your family might not be perfect (or even good) but it’s important that you love your family and the people in it, and that you do what you can to help your family out.  Why?  Well, because they’re the people closest to you (i.e. they are within your reach and influence) and because you should care about EVERYONE anyways, so why NOT your family?

In the same vein, if you live in Canada and/or you’re Canadian, what happens to our country should matter a great deal to you.  So if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about what Canada is like 10 or 20 years from now, I have to ask you to reconsider, because we’re all in this together.  You are influencing Canada’s future (our future) whether you like it or not, be it through your action or inaction.

And on the subject of Canadian pride, we as Canadians have a lot to be proud of.  Low urban pollution (I live in Vancouver; and I’m pretty sure Hamilton is still pretty well-off compared to a lot of the world), a free and democratic society, and ice hockey are some of the great things going for us.  If you’re still down on your view of Canada, then think about my family analogy – even if your family has issues, it’s still your family; surely you can find SOME good things about it to be happy and proud about?

Anyways, in summary, I would like to challenge you to the following, this Canada Day onwards:

1. Take action to make Canada a better society/place/nation.

2. Be happy that you’re a Canadian or that you live in Canada.

In other words, please be a great LOVER of Canada.  Care about Canada and take delight in her.

And now for Canadian Idol:

I just wanna say that I think this is by far the best year of talent that we’ve seen on Canadian Idol (not that I’ve watched a whole lot of Canadian Idol over the years).  But I think it’s undeniable.  Half of the top 20 are contenders to win this thing!  And they’re SO GOOD! They’re wonderful musicians and vocalists!  The consistency of the quality in this group is better than what I’ve seen in the American Idol groups, ever!  I don’t know if the best of this batch are better than the best that’s ever come from American Idol, but hey, maybe they are.  In summary, there’s AMAZING Canadian talent on Canadian Idol this year.

Who’s my favorite so far?  I dunno.  I think I’m a big fan of like 5 of them or something.  One sticks out in my memory, though, because:

a) she’s Mennonite (from Alberta, heh heh)
b) she’s one of the 10(?) or so who’ve shown to me that they can really sing
c) she’s a girl, what can I say? (ok, I mean she’s pretty)
d) she seems really nice

Yup, it’s Amberly Thiessen.  Ever since I saw her name and city, I was saying to the TV screen, “I bet she’s Mennonite!”  Hey, I’m Mennonite (Brethren), too!

Two things I’m wondering, though.  #1 Is she just ethnically Mennonite or actually Christian Mennonite? and #2 Was Ben Mulroney playing the Mennonite Game with her right before her last performance?  (I missed what they were talking about ’cause I changed the channel a bit too late, I think)

And to end this little blog post…

A random photo from this Canada Day evening:

My little Butterscotch Marble chocolate-milkshake experiment 🙂

Butterscotch Marble chocolate-milkshake

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