*Warning, may contain minor spoilers*

I watched The Dark Knight tonight.   In fact, it’s 3:30AM and I just got home from Metrotown, because I managed to catch the 12:00 AM Friday showing with Johnson, Ricky, Alana, and my cousin Sam.

Maybe some day soon I’ll post a real review of it, along with pictures of the line-up, etc.  The gist is I thought it was great!  Or rather, it’s wonderful.  I want to watch it again to catch all the nuances, and then maybe I’ll have a more complete of what I think about the movie and its themes (it’s 2h30min long, after all!).   But for now, I hope this post will be enough to give you all an idea of what I think about The Dark Knight.

“The Dark Knight”

If you ever watch the very ending of The Dark Knight, I think you should ponder this quote a bit and think about what it means:

“For our sake…

he made him to be sin…

who knew no sin”

– from 2 Cor 5:11a (ESV)