So people are starting to flood in to Vancouver right now. They’re staff friends of mine from our Christian campus ministry. In fact, today in the Church parking lot while Johnson was parking, I spotted Gloria, Leah, and Hannah Lee.

I was really excited to see them! Hannah is here for Campus Days (our campus ministry training days), which I’m hopefully going to be able to attend this week depending on my thesis progress. Basically, the timetable has been rushed and now I need to hand in my thesis to my committee members sometime this week (the earlier the better; or else maybe on Friday, because then I might be able to attend Tues-Thursday of Campus Days. maybe).

Anyhoo, today’s my Sabbath, so I’m going to sleep as early as possible (I hope) since I’m not doing any work today, so that I can wake up super early tomorrow and get cracking on that thesis.


P.S. I wanted to take a picture in the parking lot, to document and blog about it, but I was too busy catching up to them and chatting.