So here’s a benefit of staying up till 3AM PST – I just got an e-mail from CNN breaking news…  Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama has picked Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate! (see: CNN coverage on this story)

Wow.  I actually don’t know too much about Sen. Joe Biden, but here are my very superficial thoughts on this: this will be a significant benefit to help get over any racial or other biases against Obama that might take away a small percentage of votes come November when the U.S. goes to the polls.  I personally think a small but significant percentage of U.S. voters would not vote for an African-American man to be their president, or perhaps they wouldn’t vote for him because he’s relatively young.  The United States has a lot more racial tension than what I think we’re used to seeing here in Canada (i.e. relatively little), so I think the race factor is a significant factor in this upcoming election.  With an experienced, established, older white male as his Vice Presidential running mate, I think it will have a psychological effect of demonstrating that the average American voter can be comfortable in voting for Barack Obama.  If someone like Senator Joe Biden has no problem following a leader like Obama, why not me? That’s what I think and hope will be going through voters’ minds this election.

Anyways, that’s just one angle on this VP pick by Obama.  I don’t think the racial aspect will get too much play in the media analysis, just because it’s such a sensitive issue and people generally don’t want to “accuse” significant portions of the country of racial prejudice, but I think it’s something that has to be considered.

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