I was just watching this video linked from Strobist – apparently pro photographer Chase Jarvis was given 5 pre-production Nikon D90’s to play with and help market/introduce the camera to the world.  Here’s the video he shot with his team.

Chase Jarvis RAW – Advanced Testing the Nikon D90

You can find out more from Nikon’s promotional D90 site – here – or read their promotional PDF brochure – here.

Maybe one day I will try and get a used D90.  It’s bigger than my D40 (it’s the same size as the D80), but that also means that it has an auto-focus drive pin (so I won’t have to always manual focus my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens).  What I think is really the deal maker is the new D-movie mode.  Basically, it lens you take High Definition videos using your DSLR camera, which is amazing because DSLR’s are usually used with really nifty lenses.  Yup, I’d be able to make cinematic-like movies (with shallow depth of field, and also low-light performance).

If you have no idea what this whole blog post was about, here’s the summary: the D90 is a powerful upgrade, but the real news item is the world’s first movie mode on a DSLR.

EDIT: Oh, and if you have no idea why I’m so excited about DSLR’s making movies, you need to check out this link:

Sample D-movies in action (DSLR movies)

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