That’s a direct quote from Barack Obama, at around 4:20PM PST (7:20PM EST in Michigan).  Ha ha, so cool…  I wonder what he thinks about Engineering graduates who go on to pursue different career paths (which I may be doing)?

Anyways, I heard that quote from listening to live coverage online from a campaign rally in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Another interesting thing he said, though, was in response to a question regarding the Supreme Court.  Sen. Obama mentioned that he thinks if Sen. John McCain is elected president, Roe v. Wade will be overturned (something I’ve remarked upon previously – well, before I deleted that blog post).  That would mean individual State or Federal law would be free to make abortion illegal if they so choose – right now the Roe v. Wade ruling from the Supreme Court deems that such law inhibiting the choice of a woman to perform an abortion is unconstitutional and violates their right to privacy.

Anyways, so I think Americans are faced with a candidate (Obama) who supports reducing unwanted pregnancies and thus abortions versus a candidate (McCain) who is pro-life and would nominate judges to the Supreme Court who would probably overturn Roe v. Wade.  That’s all I’ll say about the two candidates for now.

Oh, and in other news, Prime Minister Stephen Harper just called an election last Sunday morning.  We Canadians are going to the polls on October 14th, 2008 (that’s a Tuesday).

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