Well, I’m kind of addicted to it.  I now know that Anderson Cooper 360, Larry King Live, and other programs are cycled like twice (sometimes three times, depending on the show) during the day.  Yes, that means CNN is on my (read: Johnson’s) TV at like 3PM and also at 3AM.  Not that I’m watching it the entire time in between.

But anyways, aside from US politics, a lot of play has now been given to the US economy.  The US economy (and linked to it, the global economy) almost crashed this week.  But quick action and a whole lot of cash/bailouts of key insurance and investment businesses (that were HUGE, because the companies were HUGE ones) has seemed to prevent that so far.  This is quite risky and I think a strain on the US federal government, though, because it’s already $9 trillion USD in debt and has been running huge deficits.  The only silver lining is that in the long run, the US government might actually make some money off the share of some of the companies/debt that it’s taken control of.  But that’s not guaranteed.  Sub-prime mortgages that were given to people who couldn’t afford to buy houses that big were also a big contributor to the damage to the US economy, and that happened a few months ago, I think.

Anyways, what I was going to write this blog post for was just to link to a post on John Piper’s “Desiring God” ministry site, written by Matt Perman – Why I Pray for the Economy.  I think it’s worth posting because:

  1. I like posting things from other people’s minds, which is one reason my blog is called “Total Rip-Off”.
  2. I think everything is related or is based from our relationship with God, so I really want to point out how praying for the economy is something that should make perfect sense.  Next, I will write a blog post about how to drink orange juice to the glory of God (ok, I ripped that off from a chapter title in one of John Piper’s books – a chapter that I’ve never read, either, lol).