So this is going to be Part 1 of my three part series on the start of what I’m doing here at the University of Waterloo.  There are more details on my “other” blog, but for reasons that might be strange to you, I’m trying to keep them independent.  So message me (or join my C4C/Waterloo Facebook group) if you want to know more about that “other” blog.

Thursday, Sept 25th, I flew in to Hamilton, Ontario, stayed the night with Phillip, a friend of my sister’s, and then drove the next morning to Allan’s house in Waterloo.  Once I got there, I had about an hour to settle in before we drove another 4 hours for the big student retreat with McMaster University, University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, and Brock University!  The three big schools – McMaster, Guelph, and Waterloo – are abbreviated by the term, “MacGuelpherLoo

I made it!

Right now I’m living with with the Waterloo campus director, Allan, and his wife.  They’re putting me up in their house for the first couple weeks, and I’m going to be finding a place in the next week (I have one rental prospect that Allan helped find that I think will work).

I almost threw up when we landed in transit in Edmonton.

An interesting story about my flight.  It was in two legs – one flight to Edmonton, and one flight to Hamilton.  It turns out that I had a seatmate who would accompany me on both flights!  There was an empty seat between us on both flights, too, but when we were leaving Vancouver, I found that she was reading a book I recognized (I saw its back cover when she put the book down on the seat between us).

WestJet rocks.  Just thought I should let you know that.

“Is that ‘The Five Love Languages’ you’re reading, there?” I asked.  “Yes, it is!” she responded. She was actually quite surprised that a young guy like me would have known about a book written for married couples, but then again, I am a huge fan of FamilyLife and marriage & family issues…  Anyways, we ended up talking lots about Christianity and other things.  She told me that as of quite recently, she would consider herself more in the “Christian” category, because she found a Church that she really likes and a very good small group that is helping her process through spiritual issues and stuff.  After a long conversation, I got to share a little of my testimony and how I believe that Jesus died for our sins because we would be in a real tough spot (in other words, the consequences of moral sin is judgement) without His forgiveness.  She wasn’t ready to accept that, because it obviously means that billions of people who do not believe in and trust in Jesus will go to Hell.  Anyways, to cut a long story short, I was glad that I got to share important chunks of the Gospel with her – and this was the first time I have had a spiritual conversation on the plane!  I’d always heard about other people getting chances like this, but I found it kind of funny that on my first plane trip as a… “blank”, that God would have me meet this person and see that book.

Note: Those of you who know me should be able to figure out what I mean by “blank”.  Basically, I’m not a student anymore.  I’m actually considered _____ now!  I’m not writing it down in case I ever to go particular countries, if you know what I’m sayin’…

Anyways, that concludes Part 1 of my blog update.  Be sure to check out the other parts of my story! (coming soon)

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