So this is going to be Part 2 of my three part series on the start of what I’m doing here at the University of Waterloo.  There are more details on my “other” blog, but I’m trying to keep them independent.  So message me (or join my C4C/Waterloo Facebook group) if you want to know more about that “other” blog.

I was out two weekends ago for Summit – a retreat for students from McMaster University, University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, and Brock University!  There were over 300 students involved with Campus for Christ at their schools at this retreat!  One thing I will tell you – MacGuelpherLoo students are LOUD and have TONS of school spirit!  The cheering was intense.

We are WAR-RI-ORS!  We are Warriors!  We are Warriors!

Ok, so Allan, the UW campus director, was one of the two featured speakers at Summit.  The theme was John PIper-inspired: learning to trash the idols in our life and to treasure Christ.  Allan has some significant giftings in public speaking/teaching, so I am glad I am on his campus (because I want to learn how to be a better “preacher” this year, too)!

Allan, the man himself.  (that’s a pun, because his last name is “Self”)

Personally, I think the theme they picked for Summit is one of the most important & CENTRAL topics in our Christian life.  Basically, each of us needs to ask ourselves, “do I prefer anything in life over God?”  And the answer is yes – we need to prefer God, and the purposes and desires He has for us, over the crappy things that we are occupied with on a daily basis.  We need to renounce things like COMFORT, and financial or physical SECURITY, or mediocre achievement, or sexual temptation & sin, and on and on the list goes.  Even things like FAMILY or “Church”/ministry can be idols to us, even though they are good things.  The point is that we need to be people whose hearts are surrendered to God – such that if God asks you to turn off the TV so you can spend some time teaching your son about how he can help poor children in Africa get access to clean drinking water, in the name of Christ, then you choose to PREFER that over your TV show.  And if you don’t prefer that, it’s ok – we’re not perfect.  We are expected to sincerely ask God – the One who perfects people – to change our hearts, though.  Anyways, that’s what I feel strongly about, so I hope you are encouraged and/or challenged by that.  The good thing is that there were over 300 students who heard a message like that – that’s a WHOLE LOT!

Lotsa students.  Yup.

AND, they’re worshiping God!

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I’ll say about Summit.  We went into the Week of Evangelism back on campus right after Summit, so that will be what Part 3 of my series will be about.

I’ll leave you with some random photos from Summit, including some of Nicky (from Guelph) and Grace (from McMaster), my friends from Halifax (summer) Project 2007!  I was SO happy to get to see them at MacGuelpherLoo Summit 😀

McMaster University pride

Quiet time with God

Arts MDA dance. Basically, a dance choreographed to music.

(She got thrown into the water)

Halifax Project reunion!