I just found out that Sobeys (a grocery store chain) in Ontario is open 24 hours, seven days a week.  Whoa.  They look about as cheap as Superstore (back home in BC), too.  And, I live 700 metres from a Sobey’s.  I’m still going to drive, though (while I still have my sister’s car).

And just to reiterate, I’m thinking of getting an iPhone from Rogers:

My potential voice (& data) 3-year contract:

100 weekday minutes
1000 evenings and weekends (starting at 6PM)
unlimited incoming calls
caller id
100 Canadian long distance minutes
[system access fee and 9-11 included)

1GB e-mail & data plan

Total: $42.45 per month (+ tax)
[System access fee $6.95/month and 9-11 $0.50/month INCLUDED]

(I could instead get 250 daytime minutes with unltd. evenings & weekends starting at 8PM for $5 more a month)