Over the last year, and especially this past month here in Ontario, I’ve been falling behind on things… it’s most obvious from my e-mail inbox.

The first symptoms could be seen by my Facebook activity – or lack of it.  Things were happening on Facebook, and I wouldn’t find out about it.  Other people would be telling ME about things they’d learn about mutual friends on Facebook.  That’s ridiculous!  I used to have a Facebook toolbar installed in my Firefox 2 browser, that popped up notifications whenever a friend changed their status, for crying out loud! (I uninstalled it because I think it was draining my computers’ resources)

My Gmail inbox has always been growing, but that’s not always a problem, because I will leave e-mails marked as unread if I feel that I would like to give it a more thorough look through later (but often times I never get around to it, because [hopefully] they weren’t that important, anyways).  But I’ve been falling a lot more behind in the last month.  Even important work e-mails, like potential contacts who would want to support my work, which don’t have to be answered “right away” can slip, and slip… it’s not good.

Thirdly, I use Google Reader to read friends’ and random people’s blogs.  I am getting SO BEHIND on that.  I don’t read ALL the blogs and RSS feeds I subscribe to, but I would like to at least process all of the entries and read the ones I want, so that I don’t have this massive list of unread entries.  But I’m behind on that, too.

Finally, I never get a chance to blog anymore.  Or so it feels.  So I decided to write this blog post about how it’s so hard to write a real, meaningful blog post.  Because – I figure – it’s better to write something than to never write anything at all.

P.S. One of the most important symptoms/indicators of me falling behind on things is my photo backlog.  I take lots of photos, and I always want to upload them.  After post-processing (i.e. touching up) some of them.  But that takes time.  Oh, “time”.