So Boundless Webzine, a web magazine geared towards Christian young adults (20’s and 30’s), just came out with a beautifully designed PDF and Flash package containing summarized versions of some of their best articles on… you guessed it, marriage & dating topics for guys.

Seriously, just check it out.  Even if you’re read a lot of these articles before, I think you will benefit from this, because:

  1. It’s summarized
  2. It’s organized and laid out beautifully
  3. (Due to points #1 and #2) It’s compact and you can shove the info down your brain at a faster rate.

Give them your e-mail here and they will e-mail you links to the PDF and Flash versions:

My favorite section is the fourth section – on Compatibility.  Doesn’t answer all my questions, but it’s a good base.  Ah, I found the articles that I thought they should have included in this booklet – I’m Just Not Attracted to Her: Part 1 / Part 2

Those were pretty good articles that raised some interesting points, from what I remember.  I think I’d read part 2, before.

Random photo: iPaulman taken with my iPhone camera w/ Clarifi “macro” lens

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