I watched Bella tonight with my sister and future sister-in-law once(?) removed.  Anyways, I think Bella is a wonderful movie in many respects.  Apparently it won the People’s Choice Award at the Torontal International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2006, as well (which is a big deal).

As we watched the Canadian interview with lead actor (and co-producer) Eduardo Verástegui after the movie, I thought of something – Perhaps it’s the case that people who succeed in accomplishing something great (e.g. for God) start off thinking that maybe they have a shot, but often do not have a clear confidence that it will turn out the way they’re hoping at all.  For example, Eduardo said that they were all just hoping that Bella would get accepted into TIFF, and from the way he described things, it seemed that they tried not to get their hopes up too high for that.  He knew that their film was something special, though.  But it blew them away when they won the People’s Choice Award.

Anyways, yeah – what do you guys think?  What’s a good enough basis for chasing down a dream that you think might be God’s calling in your life?