Newegg comes to Canada –

I’m excited because is this US company (like that specializes in computer parts and stuff like that, but it’s only ever been available to the US.  Today, I get this e-mail from PayPal saying that they’ve partnered up with for…  well, I didn’t read that far, because I jumped on my browser and hit – and WOW, it’s for real!  I don’t know what (or if there’s anything) I would buy, but I’m super excited!  Yay!

Btw, I’m excited because was always SUPER CHEAP compared to what we could get here in Canada, so I’m hoping carries that tradition (kind of like – in fact, sells a whole lot more stuff that the Canadian version doesn’t, including computer hardware!)  UPDATE: Hmm… it doesn’t seem like it’s cheaper than a place like, actually…  too bad 😦

Actually, I’m probably going to shop for some hard drives/external hard drive enclosures (for backing up of my photos and other files).  I’m planning on getting one within the next year, once a sweet deal comes around ( had a 1TB deal for like $120, but it was sold out already).  And one day I think I’m going to get a desktop (they’re really cheap now of days), and so… it will be a fun time! (probably a couple years from now, after Windows 7 comes out)  Hopefully Melly can hold out till then (I’ll still probably use her for the next 5 years, if she’s still running – Windows XP on a laptop should be enough for my portable needs.  Plus my iPhone 😛 )

Oh yeah, and I’m about to start my REAL break from work (and busyness) late tonight or so, so stay tuned for some intense/in-depth (hopefully not too long winded) blog posts!

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