So today was my first day at Eastern Winter Conference. I checked in here the night before, which is when I got to hang out with Gilberto and Tabitha in Toronto. Today, however, I started the morning off going to staff meeting – which was really cool, cause I enjoy such things, especially when it’s WINTER CONFERENCE! – and thus commenced a LONG day.

Aside from the extra duties that I took on from others today (I only completed half of them 😦 my bad), it was further complicated by me going to the Halifax Project ’07 reunion today! I got to see Veronika (whom I hadn’t seen for a year and a half), and also Jared and Liz, and Nicky brought her new fiancé, as well! Is this what future reunions will be like in the coming years? (with spouses and families?). One can only hope.

But project is another post, for another time. What I want to put down on paper – so to speak – is my experience today “from the other side” (i.e. as staff). I got to work on some sound & a/v stuff, which is kind of technical. One of the extra duties I got earlier in the day was to revise and print out the invitations to LIFE luncheon (for select graduating students, where we challenge them to join our organization), which required MS Publisher use. Anyways, I mention these because it required some technical skills, and I’m wondering what working on staff could be like for me, and whether it would be a good, well-suited use of the gifts God has given me.

The potentially more exciting part was where I was able to stand up at the front during one part of the main session, where students were invited to come up to pray with staff about sin in their lives, other barriers in their relaipnhip with God, and also abuse in their lives. What an honor and a privilege to me able to stand up there as an older brother in the faith, where God has allowed me to help lead some of his children in deeper living (communion) with Him. I didn’t actually get to pray with any students there, so I just stood there with the other staff and just tried my best to sing in worship to God (without the benefit of lyrics in front of me), in true worship to my God and also as a good example to whomever may have been watching – so as to encourage and lead them in their own free and true worship to our God. Potentially.

Anyways, I’m hoping to gain a clearer picture of how God means to use me over the next couple years, or longer, but I have to admit, I feel pretty confused by all the possible factors that I could potentially base my decision on.

On a different note, I miss Halifax Project people. Together, we were definitely a special and unique group, and I don’t think we’ll ever bond in the same way with others in the future, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Different isn’t necessarily worse. Bit as Johnson can testify, I’ve always missed Halifax people and sometime j feel it less than at other times, but today I was reminded that each person is special and different and I won’t really be able to “replace” them in my life (which is obvious, in a sense). I always feel like I don’t get enough time with many of my Halifax friends, even after getting to hang out with them for half a day, or in tonight’s case, about half an hour… being in a rush to get back to the hotel to start some more work doesn’t help, either.

Anyways, I guess I mean to say 3 thugs in this blog post: 1) I’m still trying to find out how to make a God-pleasing choice in my life path; 2) I miss Halifax friends a lot (and I like staff, too); and 3) Gregg’s talk tonight in the main session was great. I don’t know if the Spirit used it to work powerfully in students’ hearts, but He may do so in a powerful way (perhaps later). It basically dealt with personal sin and personal hurt (even abuse), and gave students a practical chance and challenge to bring it out before Godan let Him start to deal with it. That’s what I’m interested in seeing God do in people’s lives – I think. A related question is whether I have to be on staff for God to be doing (more) things like that – I think the biggest alternative in my mind, at least theoretically, is the scenario where God intends for me to glorify Him as an engineer, and to influence others and proclaim His glory and Gospel through the testimony of my conduct, work, relationships, and words – as I spend my full time hours doing whatever kind of engineering work that might be.

Whatever… :p it’s time to sleep now! Feel free to leave your thoughtful comments :p

I don’t want to “worry” about all this, though. God is sovereign, even if I end up making a “bad” or wrong decision tainted by my sinfulness. He is over all things – even that 😛 Let’s hope this doesn’t stay just as head knowledge / theory, for me, though.