I saw this article posted on someone‘s blog, recently.  It’s apparently an honest piece from the UK’s The Times (online, at least).

As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs Godby Matthew Parris
From Times Online

To sum it up, it touches on genuine character change or traits that he’s observed in Africa in the lives of authentic Christian believers, and he also talks about the difference in worldview between Christianity and other animistic or communal-based mindsets.  He doesn’t go too deeply into any of these issues, I don’t think, but it’s a very powerful set of observations and conclusion that he reaches.  The conclusion is basically that Christianity changes Africans’ hearts.  For example, it gives them confidence and a real peace (he observes that it “relaxes them”).  It also shapes what they view their role is in relation to this Universe, and gives them individuality.

I’m not sure exactly why he’s observing that – I’m thinking it centers around the truth that by definition, a Christian is someone who now has one Lord – the Creator of the universe.  A typical African, however, might be ruled by the pressures of his community or family, or social norms (or personal passions).

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