This is so awesome.

Smart Keywords

Let me give you an example of how I can use this.

I hit CTRL+L (or you can click in the location/address bar) and type in my keyword, such as “study” and then the particular thing I want to search.  Such as…

study John 3:36

What that brings up is the ESV Online Study Bible page for John 3:36.

How did I do this?  Well, I went to the ESV Online Study Bible page and right-clicked in the search box, and clicked on “Add a Keyword for this Search”.  This lets me create a bookmark (you’ll never have to click the bookmark), but more importantly, you can type in the keyword you want to use for your search.  For example, I typed in study and now whenever I type in study followed by anything in my location/address bar, it will run the ESV Study Bible search for that entry.

Other examples include:

g Campus for Christ ( search for Campus for Christ)

define existential ( search for “existential”)

esv John 17 (ESV/ lookup for John 17)

wiki laser ( entry for “laser”)

In summary, this is a good workaround for sites that don’t have a search plug-in available (that’s what you can use the top right box in Firefox for).  There wasn’t one for the ESV Study Bible, but now I can search it easily from the location bar!  It’s even faster than using the search box (because I had quite a few different search plug-ins that I’d have to manually select each time I wanted to search).

Go nuts!