Our generation is seeking purpose.  It is seeking meaning to life.

It is looking for the “right” in right & wrong.  It is wanting for there to be a history as to where we came from, a transcendent reason for why we should live out each day in the present.  It is secretly yearning for there to be a spiritual hand to guide us into a prepared future – a future well-intentioned for its recipients.

It is aching for relationship, for love, for security.  For someone that will value you, who will delight in you – even after the darkest, most shameful recesses of your own soul are revealed for all to see.

It is longing for rest.  To finally be at home.


And all of that was affirmed (in my opinion) after watching the 2-hour Battlestar Galactica series finale (“Daybreak”).

It seems that my generation is looking for all of those things I just mentioned.  And yet, much of this same generation will deny those very same things – that there is any true meaning, or an actual right & wrong; that there’s anything transcendent to this material universe.  It denies that we’re anything more biological machines responding to environmental, social, and other stimuli.  Our generation will often say that it doesn’t even want or need anything more than this to be happy.  But every once in awhile, a walking paradox like Battlestar Galactica comes along to poke a very painful finger into our hearts.  Painful, because we are very tender when it comes to the area of unfulfilled longings and the lack of meaning in life.  We never want to acknowledge it, nor ever be forced to think about it.

I wish I were able to explain to you how our humanity actually does have a story.  One that is similar to the tale told by BSG, except a few of the sci-fi elements (and less one Gaius Baltar) 😛 This instead is a story which is big enough to have room for purpose & meaning.  Rightful ideals and loving relationship.  Destiny and security.

And yes, it finally does lead to home.