Ok, I tried to write the title of this post to make it seem more intelligent and sophisticated than it really is.

Basically, I was just uploading a video simultaneously to Facebook and YouTube tonight, and over the 15 or so minutes as it was doing that, I experienced some of the slowest Internet browsing since being in Malawi.  Ironically enough.

I say ironically, because!… well, I’ve said too much.  Stay tuned! (or peek at my Facebook profile/YouTube channel)

P.S. Actually, the main reason I wanted to write this post is to say: 1) I’m very thankful for broadband speeds and how broadband keeps seeming to get faster and faster! 2) Oh, how crippled anything less than 1 Mbps seems to be now of days.  You can’t even stream HQ YouTube with that (or can you? it’s too late at night to go look that up)!