I’m thinking of doing a cross-country road trip with my sister’s car, since she’s wanting to give it to me and it would be significantly cheaper than shipping it over.  Plus, it means I get to fly to Toronto in order to SAVE money!

Here’s my tentative itinerary – Google Maps

A/B/C) Toronto, Waterloo, London

D) & E) Chicago & Minneapolis (home of John Piper’s church!)

F) Winnipeg

G) Saskatoon

H) Calgary

I) Vancouver

I’m thinking of spending at least a week in Ontario if I can find friends to stay with, since who knows when I’ll next get to be in-province.  But anyways, if any of you know whether I can stay with you or friends at any of those locations, please let me know!  It would help with the planning / decision-making process.

P.S. YAY! But we’ll see if this actually pans out.  Technically, I have the time to do this, and this is probably the best stage in my life to attempt something like this.  But I also feel like the clock is ticking.  Maybe it’s my biological clock.