Malawian kids watching the Jesus film
(click image to see YouTube video – or watch the Facebook version)

This summer, I spent a month and a half in Malawi along with other Campus for Christ staff & students from across Canada. The focus of our time was sharing the News about Jesus and giving Malawian students a vision for discipleship and reaching other nations.

But really, the video does a better job of explaining things 🙂 So check it out!

ON CAMPUS (Polytechnic & Chancellor College):
671 Spiritual conversations,
448 Gospel presentations,
104 Decisions to receive Christ!

JESUS FILM (4 villages/areas):
1732 estimated attendees,
683 Indicated receiving Christ!

Fun facts: The soundtrack to my update video is a combination of some of us singing with Malawi neighborhood/street kids from around the Polytechnic campus and then also with Malawian students from the University of Malawi!

We’re singing Malawian praise songs – the song titles in English are, “Jesus is mine” and “There’s no one like Jesus.”