It’s confirmed – I’ll be flying into Ontario on Sept 11th (Friday) and staying in Toronto for about a week.  Then the plan is to spend another week in Waterloo, perhaps a day and a night in London, and then I will be off on my cross-continent road trip.  If you’re reading this blog and live in Southern Ontario, chances are I would like a chance to visit with you.  So let me know if you’ll be free!

Here’s my tentative itinerary, as I wrote about in my last blog post – Google Maps

A/B/C) Toronto, Waterloo, London

D) & E) Chicago & Minneapolis (home of John Piper’s church!)

F) Winnipeg

G) Saskatoon

H) Calgary

I) Vancouver

Other than Toronto/Waterloo/London, I will need a place to stay.  So if you or someone you know can put me up for a night or two in any of these cities, please let me know!

P.S. I am starting to apply for engineering jobs right now.  I’m still in the very beginning stages (need to draft up my resumé – well, I have to decide on its length first; and then I need to write a cover letter for the first job I want to apply for).  So encouragement and prayer would be much appreciated!