I wrote this comment under one of my older blog posts – “Acting like you’re married”What do you think?

…When I wrote this post, I was specifically thinking about the boundaries that may lie around things that our generation takes as for granted when you’re “in a relationship”. Things like holding hands, arm around waist, or rubbing the person’s back. I’m personally not convinced that just because you’re officially dating means that those are all appropriate, ’cause one way I think about it is that if you end up not being with them anymore and sharing your life with someone else instead, wouldn’t you want to not have expressed such an intimacy with that previous person?

Anyways, I found some snippets from an interesting New York Times article – “A Simple Show of Hands”

“It is a lot more intimate to hold hands nowadays than to kiss,” said Joel Kershner, 23. Because of that, he said, reaching for someone’s hand these days has more potential for rejection than leaning in for a smooch at a party where alcohol is flowing.

Libby Tyler, 20, said it was “weird that hand-holding is more serious,” but true. “It’s something that you lead up to,” she said.