I made it.  Coming back to Ontario was a strange experience for me.

After a late night talk with my brother and sister-in-law, I got home in BC and spent about three and a half hours packing.  After a short break, it was time to head to the airport for my 7AM flight.  Needless to say, I was sleep deprived.  My journey was YVR (Vancouver) to YYC (Calgary) to YHM (Hamilton).  The YVR to YYC hop was about an hour or so.  I’m not too sure, because I slept for most of it.  I had to change planes in Calgary, so I walked around, feeling quite awake.  Then it was time to fly to Ontario.

The YYC to YHM was probably 4 hours.  I have no idea, because I was asleep for most of that.  Once I got to Hamilton airport, it was definitely a strange experience for me.  The Hamilton airport has like one main building, and one main entrance to that building for all arriving passengers, and it looked the same as I remembered.  In fact, I remember stopping  there once before to take a photo after dusk.  I can’t seem to find that picture right now, but I’m pretty sure it was at the Hamilton airport.

The deja vu feeling continued as my ride (a friend of my sister’s) drove me through the university area and right past the McMaster University Hospital.  All these vague feelings of memories from different times in Ontario came back to me.  Even driving my sister’s car again threw me for a loop.  It was like I was an intern at Waterloo again! Craziness.  That feels like a lifetime ago.

Speaking of my sister’s car, when I got to where the car was being stored for the past month (at friends of my sister’s, again), we couldn’t find the keys!  We were trying to figure out where the person who dropped off the car would have put them (they weren’t home at the time).  Anyways, I tried very quickly to coat hanger the door open (clear failure – although I was successful in not leaving any visible damage behind).  We called CAA to come and open the car for us (thinking that the keys might be in the glove compartment, and somehow the Corolla auto-locked itself – which it does under certain circumstances).  And then we went in to eat, and when we prayed a blessing over the food and included a request to God that we would sort this key business out, immediately someone called out from the kitchen – she had found the keys! That was the quickest and clearest answer to prayer I’ve ever been a part of!  Us engineers would call that a “low-latency” answer to prayer, I joked with them.

Anyways, this blog post wasn’t supposed to be this long.  Oh yeah, I went to Mac and saw some people at the end of their weekly meeting, too!  Including Halifax 07 projectile Grace Mosher 🙂

Bottom line: I am in Toronto, I am a little disoriented, but I would like to see friends!  I can’t even remember all the friends that I would like to see who are in the area.  Do they even read my blog? 😛

P.S. Since I am in Toronto, I am going to try and catch up on some Flashpoint.  (Hmm, it seems that the dialogue in this one is really weird so far.  At least it’s set in Toronto, as always 🙂 )