Today I learned a new word from my friend Grace – penultimate.  I’d always thought it meant something close to “ultimate”.  Apparently, it means second to ultimate.  Which is not the same thing.

So I got to see my friend Grace today.  Grace and I go waayy back.  Back to when I was about 12 years old.  I guess that makes our friendship less than half my life time, but I would say that it definitely feels like I’ve known her most of my life.  So we got to hang out in Markham along with another friend of hers, and I got to eat Chinese food and bubble tea at Pacific all.  No, that is not a typo.  The ‘M’ in Pacific Mall is broken.  I enjoyed getting to make the joke that Pac Mall is trying to be more racially inclusive now, and is emphasizing that they are open to all!

Pacific All.  Heh heh.  Anyways, my resumé is still not done, although I’ve got a kicking sweet outline finished.  I pretty much copied Johnson‘s resumé template because I like its look so much.  Not via copy & paste, but basically by using many of the same design elements and layout choices that he used, all using simple features of Microsoft Word.  It looks very clean and elegant, actually.  I think he used Georgia for all his fonts, actually.  I also like Georgia, but I chose to use it for everything except section headers.  And I varied the size of my fonts a tiny bit.

So that was what I was working on earlier today before heading out with Grace.  My resumé still isn’t done, as it has lots of style and shape, but no actual, uh… “content”.  I hear employers actually care about what your resumé says, and not just how it looks, so I guess I’ve got to get the whip cracking on this thing.  But tomorrow I will set apart as a day of rest.

For the Christian-inclined of my readership, I feel I should note that I am not convinced that observing a Sabbath is actually commanded by God, but I am not 100% convinced the other way, either (though there may be Biblical warrant to believe that Sabbath observance is now only a shadow of the rest we have in Christ now).

Once again, I can’t believe I’m in Ontario.  Even in Toronto, a city I’ve only visited a handful of times, I feel oddly familiar with my (downtown) surroundings.  And that familiarity is… unfamiliar.

P.S. This week is, according to my current plan, my penultimate week in Ontario.  In other words, Week 1 of 2 in Ontario.