I can’t sleep right now.  I guess this is what you get for sleeping at 4AM the night before (although I DID wake up at 8AM this morning!).

Anyways, I remembered something I wanted to blog about.  I helped my cousin purchase the OS 3.0 firmware update for his iPod Touch last week, because his iTunes gift card wouldn’t work for it.  So, as a result, I will be able to get him to gift me up to $15 in iTunes album/tracks.  But I don’t know what to get!

First things that come to mind are Christian artists/albums like TobyMac (Momentum or Diverse City), or the Robbie Seay Band’s first album, or something maybe by Delirious? (I’ve never owned one of their albums).  I dunno.  Really, anything goes.

The last albums I bought from iTunes, which got some serious play time since Fall 2007 till now, were:

  1. This Moment – Stephen Curtis Chapman
  2. Give Yourself Away – Robbie Seay Band
  3. Portable Sounds – TobyMac

(from oldest to most recent)

I’m also open to secular music, too.  So anyways, leave a comment with your nomination and your reason why!

Single tracks are valid, too.  Fifteen dollars is usually enough to buy one album and 5 separate tracks.

P.S. I spent much of the day at Richmond Hill today, including Richmond Hill Christian Community Church 🙂