My Google Reader list went down to (2) unread items today.  Well, I’ve already read those two items, but I have a habit of marking things as “unread” just so that I can go back to them later (otherwise they’ll disappear from my list, because I’m set up to view only “unread” items on my page).  Actually, more often what happens is I read a post, feel like “I really want to leave a comment later!”, and so I mark it as unread for now (often times I’m on my iPhone, so it’s really difficult for me to login in properly and type out a comment).

It feels like a miracle, because I’ve never gotten it this low for like the last… year, at least.  I think.  Usually it bounces around from under a hundred, to sometimes over 200.  Some of those items are really quick things that I can browse through really quickly, like photos from a Flickr contact.  But many are in-depth posts that I feel I need to at least get a feeling for before I decide I’m not going to read them.  Yes, I feel like I want to consume everything.

My Gmail inbox faces similar issues.  Right now it’s at “1303” unread e-mails.  I know of at least one somewhat important e-mail that’s like 3 weeks old that I should really reply to (oh no…).