So, a friend of mine recently bought some photography equipment (a Canon zoom lens, actually).  Incidentally, I ended up making a photography purchase of my own, just earlier today!  My purchase happens to be less than the price of a Starbucks coffee, though 😀

It’s an iPhone camera app developed by renowned photographer Chase Jarvis, called “Best Camera”.  I think it was just released.  You can read about it just like I did on the Strobist blog.  I don’t like the name of the app, but it’s built off a phrase that Chase is pushing – The best camera is the one that’s with you.  That’s such a good point.  (Update: it’s actually a photography book that Chase is selling, filled with his iPhone photos)

At $2.99, it provides simple (but incredibly useful) photo filters that will let you post-process your photos for exposure compensation, contrast, color saturation, etc.  Actually, it doesn’t give you individual controls for each, but it gives you a set of filters that accomplish those things (sometimes in combination).  And it features Twitter/Facebook/Camera Roll integration with the ability to shoot while in the app, too.

Here are a couple photos I’ve worked through Best Camera so far:

Best Cam 1
The new area that replaces the old C4C clubs office space in the SLC at the University of Waterloo

Best Cam 2
Ramez in the clubs lounge