So I’m on the phone with Westjet right now (estimated 60 minute wait time?  From Westjet?  Unheard of, eh!?  I think it’s because they just upgraded their reservation system.  Maybe)

Anyways, I do love Westjet.  I wanted to say that in case some random web surfer hopped on my blog and got the wrong impression from seeing “Westjet”, “wait times”, and “put on hold” (oh no, I’m putting those terms together even in this very sentence!).

But anyways, I just heard from the pre-recorded voice that Westjet credits are transferable to family OR friends! Oh my goodness!  What a good deal.

So, remember Canadian brothers and sisters, let’s share our Westjet credits! (maybe you’re allowed to sell them/discounted to friends, too.  They probably wouldn’t have a problem with that…)

Oh, and I’m on the phone with Westjet because I need to cancel my flight out of here tomorrow morning.  Yup, I guess I’m “stuck” in Ontario for a little while longer 😉

Oh, and if anybody wants to put me up for a week or so (starting Monday) here in Ontario, please let me know!  I would like to know my options 🙂 (preferably Toronto, but between Toronto and Hamilton would work, too.  Or, I might end up asking Waterloo friends 😛 )