New World’s Fastest Supercomputer Named : Discovery News

I posted this awhile ago on my Facebook profile as a link.  In the latest version of a semiannual “Top 500” list of supercomputers, a new machine has been crowned with the top honor… and it’s built on some interesting technology, very similar to what many are running in their own desktop computers these days.

The Cray supercomputer, Jaguar, is built off of 6-core AMD Opteron processors (very similar to the AMD “Phenom II” branded processors you can buy for your desktop), codenamed “Istanbul”.

Jaguar took the top spot away from IBM’s “Roadrunner” supercomputer, which is now at #2.  [EDIT] Hmm, the IBM Roadrunner supercomputer is a hybrid system built off of IBM PowerXCell 8i processors (like in the Sony Playstation 3) AND AMD Opteron 2-core processors.

For AMD’s own blog write-up of the story (click here)