This is a little late, but for a few remaining days you can download John Piper’s classic, “Desiring God”, free as an audiobook download from

All you need to do is go to and select Download ($7.49), and then click on Add to Cart.  Then proceed to Checkout, create an account, and then put in DG2009 as your coupon code and it will be FREE (if for some reason it doesn’t work, try NOV2009)!

Remember, this deal is only for the month of November, so you have about 4 days left!

Oh, wow, and I just realized that they have a bunch of other John Piper items available for free right now (click here).  I think those might not be time sensitive, though.

For those who enjoy audiobooks in general, you may want to check out this free trial from that you have the option of canceling but still receive two free audiobooks from.