Well, kind of.  I think I like to find certain things that I feel that I identify with in them.  Usually, good things (of course, lol).  This is all despite the fact that I don’t always agree with their views (in Colbert’s case, I don’t agree with a lot of his views, in fact).

But a couple of things I find commonality with in Stephen Colbert is his love of performing musically – while keeping it humorous, of course, and high quality at the same time (if you’ve heard him sing before, you’ll realize he can actually sing).  The second thing I like is how he tries to “keep it real”, as evidenced by his rap lyrics that actually make a meaningful comment on the class divide between the affluent and the poorer in North America, the suburban lifestyle and “the American dream”, and how it leads North Americans to feel like it’s ok and normal to just take care of ourselves.

But y’all probably have no idea why I’m talking about all of this… so here’s the link to a brilliant performance by the amazing Alicia Keys on December 15th’s episode of The Colbert Report


It’s hilarious and brilliant.  You won’t be disappointed.