A major earthquake has recently rocked the island nation of Haiti, killing multitudes.

See CBCnews: Quake death toll may top 100,000: Haitian PM

The following is a list of charities, presumably Christian faith-based, that are providing aid for Haiti relief.

11 Charities Collecting Donations for Haiti (taken from DesiringGod.org)

If you’re looking for an organization to channel your money through for Haiti—and you probably should be—here are some options.

  1. Compassion International
  2. Feed My Starving Children
  3. Food for the Hungry
  4. World Vision
  5. World Relief
  6. Samaritan’s Purse
  7. Love a Child
  8. Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
  9. Compassion Weavers
  10. Mennonite Central Committee
  11. Water Missions International

Quake death toll may top 100,000: Haitian PM

I would like to also add what Power to Change is doing through its subsidiary organization, Global Aid Network (GAiN) – you can click here to read more or give through them.

This topic reminds me of something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago before the new year.  I jumped into the middle of a Bible study during my volunteering at the C4C Western Canadian Winter Conference here in Vancouver, and they were looking at the passage in Luke about the dishonest/shrewd manager.  I realized as we were discussing it that the main lesson Jesus seemed to be teaching in telling that parable is that the manager knew he was losing his job, and so he couldn’t hold on to his position or wealth.  So he used what he had been given and was still in control of to underwrite the debts owed by clients to his (soon to be) former employer.  Obviously, that would play well for him once he was fired, because now he would have people who owed him a debt of gratitude (albeit because of his apparently illegal dealings at his employer’s expense).

But what was the whole point of the story?  Believers in Jesus should be just as smart as that, if not more so.  Not by ripping off our employer or Jesus, but by realizing that we too are in possession of things that will be taken away – money and resources and influence that we can’t hold on to, because we’re going to die one day.  Knowing this, we should be free to give and use what we have liberally for opportunities of true value that will last, and that are truly meaningful.  So whether it’s in this case or something in the future, let us use our money, our resources, and our abilities to help people, to protect the victimized, to strengthen and equip the disadvantaged, and to build meaningful relationships.

But most importantly, let’s use what we have to clearly communicate the goodness and ultimacy of the One whom most of the world thinks isn’t needed (or wanted) in their lives.