“This is a world, a world of dreams…” – “World of Dreams” by Hit’N’Hide

December 17, 2009 (CHQ, Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, BC) – On that day, I took the above screenshot after successfully completing the song, “World of Dreams”, on In The Groove 2 (ITG2).  In case you’re wondering, ITG is basically a variant of the successful Konami dance game franchise, Dance Dance Revolution, and it involves stepping on the correct arrows on a dance pad in sync with music that is being played.  I could do a little bit more explaining, but all you really need to know is that I have several old and new friends that play ITG/DDR, and I’ve always enjoyed the interesting community that forms around the game/activity/”sport” here in the Lower Mainland.

Some of my friends know that I’d been trying to successfully complete the song, “World of Dreams”, for what seemed like close to a year.  It’s a song that is difficult enough such that I would fail it every time, but just easy enough to make me believe that I would be able to pass it any time now….

Well, awhile ago I finally passed it – but it was on a rare occasion where I was playing by myself, and I didn’t have a USB memory key connected to the ITG cabinet to record my milestone!  Well, on December 17th of last year, I finally passed it for the 2nd time ever, and let me tell you, it was no small feat.  If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see an indication at the end of the yellow “mountain-like” graph that reads, “barely”.  That’s the computer’s subtle way of saying that you almost failed.  What happens at the end of this song, is that a fairly lengthy and difficult sequence of arrows is cued up and half the time I don’t really know what I’m doing – I’m just flailing my feet around and trying to stop on arrows.

Before starting the song, actually, I remember praying.  I basically asked God to help me pass the song, if He was willing.  Why?  Well, I don’t like losing, for one thing.  And I would take it as an indication that I’m improving in my eye/foot coordination.  And it would give me no small amount of satisfaction to know that I had kicked the stuffing out of this stupid, annoying little song – for the second time, no less!  (Take that, “World of Dreams”!  As you may be able to tell, I have some bitterness towards this song, since it’s caused me a fair bit of frustration over the 20-odd times I’ve played it, thrown my legs and feet around like a madman, and still failed miserably)  I also tried to reason with God a bit, too (yes, that’s Biblical.  I can go find some examples if you really want me to).  I knew that this could be a good example for me to experience God’s goodness and answer to prayer, and wouldn’t it be great if we could see how God even cares about the fun things that we spend our time doing, and the little challenges that are often still too big for us?  Wouldn’t it let us see, yet again, that God cares about His children, and that He is good?  Now, of course, if God chose to let me collapse miserably in a tangle of arms and legs halfway through the song, I know that He would still be looking out for me.  But wouldn’t it help me feel and experience that truth even more if He brought me through this silly little song with a pass?  I think it would.  So I asked Him if He would help me, and perhaps show His goodness to me in this small little way.  And on December 17th, I got to experience just a little bit more of my relationship with the sovereign God of the universe who is good, glorious, and still interested in the tiny affairs of His children’s lives.

Praise God!  Let’s dance.