I have a few questions for you on the topic of masculinity and femininity. I got these questions as part of a survey for a discussion group I was leading.  The goal is to engage your thought process through these questions and reveal what you think.  Please keep your actual answer(s) short and concise, but feel free to comment and discuss on others’ responses, too.

“How to Talk to Girls”, photo model kept anonymous

  1. Where do you think people get their understanding of manhood and womanhood?  Where did you?
  2. What do you think is a major difference (or two) – aside from the obvious biological ones – between men and women?
  3. Who should “lead” in a romantic relationship?  (Feel free to briefly describe what you mean by “leading”)
  4. A man and a woman are walking down the street one late evening and are confronted by a mugger with a knife. The woman is well-trained in martial arts and can easily disarm the mugger. Should the guy still step in? Why or why not?

Question #4 is probably the most fun out of the group.  You could probably just answer THAT question in such a way where you give answers for the first 3 questions, if you really wanted to!  But feel free to answer ANY or all of these questions!

And just for fun, here’s a link to an old blog post I wrote:
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