CBCNews.ca: Pill with antenna ensures patients take meds

I saw this in my Google Reader feed yesterday (Mar 31), and I thought it was interesting.  So I finally got around to reading it late today (Apr 1).  Technically, this technology might be possible, but I’m skeptical about the description and rationale that were given.  Anyways, I’m pretty sure this is an April Fool’s joke.  I think it’s pretty sad that CBC News just reported on it right away – I have a hunch they didn’t try and verify nor speak to the researchers at the University of Florida (alternate page, with video) to confirm this item on the eve of April 1st

On a side note, I guess I am capitalizing on this “news story” to push my opinion that our educational standards and ideals of journalistic integrity and critical thinking have slipped and continue to slip in our society.  CBCNews.ca, I’m looking squarely at you….  (along with all of you who post in the CBCNews.ca comments section with your crazy intolerance/faux-tolerance/self-righteousness assumption!)